View Northern Lehigh School District Classrooms and Facilities by Video

View Northern Lehigh School District 
Classrooms and Facilities by Video

You can now view a sampling of Northern Lehigh School District’s classrooms and facilities without leaving home.  Go to and scroll down to click on the Northern Lehigh Promotional video on the Northern Lehigh School District’s homepage.  This 4 minute new video will give you a glimpse of the kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms and facilities. Take a look at the newly remodeled Slatington Elementary School, Administrative Building and the new turf at the Bulldog Community Stadium.

This video gives you a flavor for the setting and culture of the school district. Throughout the video you will see how technology is woven into the curriculum as teachers and students use interactive whiteboards, lap tops, iPads, and Nooks to access research and to practice skills necessary for living in today’s society.

Mr. Andrew Kern, teacher at the Northern Lehigh High School, is the producer of this video. Andy’s professional skills and creativity enabled him to write the script and select the scenes to highlight the school district.



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