Warriors Watch Riders Salute to our Troops

Adam Keys is coining his friend John Peck.


By: Mike Burritt

First and most importantly I would personally like to say to all my brothers and sisters who have and are currently serving our nation so honorably. Welcome home, and thank you for your service. While it is Veterans Day we should never forget the sacrifices that so many families have been made to endure. Some of these brave men and women never make it home to their families, to this I have no words to express my gratitude and sorrow. There are also those with horrific injuries, both physically, and also the wounds that can’t be seen. Keep each and every one in your thoughts and prayers.

We must all understand that harsh treatment of our troops does indeed have a demoralizing effect on them, just ask any Vietnam Veteran. Conversely, when we show support for our troops they are given a great sense of pride in their service to us. Fortunately we as Americans have learned from the mistakes of the past. It should be said that groups like Warrior’s Watch were founded by Vietnam Veterans. This is the reason for one of our catch phrases, ” Never Again Will An American Warrior Be Scorned Or Ignored.

Warriors’ Watch, “Has your back here at home.” When we recieve a mission request, it does not matter what that entails. In the year and a half Warriors’ Watch has been in the Lehigh Valley, we have done flaglines at funerals, provided welcome homes, send off’s for individuals or entire units, birthday parties for our aging veterans, and visited nursing homes. Anything so that our veterans understand, their service to our nation will not be forgotten.

While many in the Warriors’ Watch ride motorcycles, many others do not. I can promise you one thing, if you participate in just one Welcome Home, it will not be your last. We strive to make each and every mission a memory that will always be apart of our hero’s life, and that of their families. Should you want any type of service scheduled for the hero in your life, please either go to http://www.warriorswatch.org/ or send an email to ecpa.wwr@gmail.com. And above all this service is free of charge, we do not accept any donations, and if you would like to join us, it costs you nothing except your time.


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