Ask the Students


By: Tyler Trumbauer

With the Presidential election taking place on November 6, we wanted to know what first time and future voters look at as the most important issues affecting America today.  Following are a few of the responses from Northern Lehigh students.

Lauren Zellner, NLHS Senior- “I actually will be able to vote this year and I am more than excited to be registered. It feels awesome to have a say in who will run the country. Although all the issues are important I believe the war on drugs should be considered the most. [President Barack] Obama believes the war on drugs has done more harm than good to society and he wishes to reform the country’s policies. Although the issue has not been discussed too [often] by the candidates, Obama states that he will focus on it more if he is reelected for another term.”

Ruth Milburn, NLHS Senior- “I think the biggest sticking point for me would be lowering the national debt and improving the U.S. economy. It is important to me that I will be able to get a job when I get out of college and also that our generation won’t have to pay so highly for the last generation’s mistakes and debt.”

Annelise Tarafas, NLHS Junior- “The issue that would stick with me is the issues on women and women’s health. As seen on the news, Romney and the Republicans have recently been questioning a woman’s right to have an abortion and the use of birth control being covered by health insurance. I do not agree with this questioning. A woman should be able to take birth control, with it being covered by health insurance, and have an abortion if she feels it is necessary.”

Kelcie Kramer, NLHS Junior- “The biggest sticking point with me would have to be the candidates whose financial plan would best solve our country’s national deficit. It is my belief that a president should not begin budget planning and enacting new plans if there is no budget to work with. I look at their plans to fix out country’s debt and reform our financial problems.


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