A Lifelong Passion: Margie Long’s Art

A Lifelong Passion:  Margie Long’s Art

By Joe Korba


           Fifty years is a long time. In the early ’60s a gallon of gas was around 30 cents and a stamp was four cents. There isn’t too much that lasts that long; things break, people move, and the world changes. The passage of time is inevitable and unstoppable. There is an artist who lives in Carbon County who has maintained a love of art for half a century. Margie Long, originally from Newark, Delaware, has lived in Lehighton since 1989 and has had a passion for painting for over 50 years. “My husband Bob gave me my first brushes in 1959,” she recalls.

After creating more than 300 oil paintings, Mrs. Long says that she is “addicted to painting and in love with art.” As soon as you enter her beautiful home near Beltzville Lake, her enthusiasm for painting is evident. There are paintings ranging from landscapes to portraits, with everything in between, on the walls and in stacks. Landscapes are her favorite muse. “The land is ever changing, God’s creation,” she says. There are few people who have the initiative to work so hard for something that might only appeal only to them. “Paint from the heart. Everyone isn’t going to like what you do,” she says.


Mrs. Long has advice for young artists who have the same itch that has awakened her in the middle of the night to paint a portrait of a solider that was featured in a local paper. “Do not give up! Keep at it. You’ll get better the more you do. You will find your medium,” she says. Her determination and focus are an inspiration to anyone who finds their calling in the arts.

Margie Long lives in Lehighton and can be contacted at 610-379-0030 for questions or for inquiries about commissioned paintings or purchasing her work.



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